Ubuntu: Build a Standalone Network

Hello and welcome to the first of several planned tutorials from BytePen Studios. Over the past few months, I have been working with creating a standalone network from scratch using Ubuntu 16.10. Through this series of tutorials, I plan to walk you through each and every step in the hopes that you are able to use this information to avoid some of the pitfalls and hair pulling I underwent. Since Ubuntu 17.04 has been released recently, I will use that instead, however, the steps should be very similar. To make this series easy to emulate on any setup, I will be doing everything in Oracle VirtualBox, however, there is no reason you wouldn't be able to do this with physical computers. Through these tutorials, we will set up the following systems:



- LDAP (w/ phpLDAPAdmin)

- Apache

- NFS Server (w/ autofs on Desktop clients for central Home directories)

- PXE (Kickstart)

- Apt Repository


These tutorials will walk you through the following steps:

1. Prepare Your Oracle VirtualBox Environment

2. Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox

3. Configure a Local Apt Repository on Ubuntu 17.04

4. Configure Apache on Ubuntu Server 17.04

4. Configure DHCP on Ubuntu Server 17.04

5. Configure DNS on Ubuntu Server 17.04

6. Configure LDAP on Ubuntu Server 17.04

7. Configure NFS on Ubuntu Server 17.04

8. Configure PXE on Ubuntu Server 17.04